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On Sept 7, 2008 Jamir Logan was born at 28 weeks gestation. 2 hours after giving birth I was told that he was born with Down sydrome. I was shocked, angry, hurt, embarrased. My first words were "I dont want him to live that way," my second thought was "how could this happen? I am never going back to work again." Ironically I have been working for clients with MR/MH and other special needs for years. After seeing him 6 hours later, I felt in love, still feeling the guilt of what I said before, no time to spear on sadness I have to be strong for my little boy who spent his first 9 month in the hospital, along with caring for my 7 year old daughter Majidah. Draging her to/from the hospital before/after school, giving most of my energy to her brother. She handled it very well, patient and has yet to complain about less traveling and outings as usual. Bless her, GREAT big sister. After a few surguries, Jamir is on his way to growing. Jamir can not walk, we are always at the doctor's, he still has a feeding tube,and requires oxygen but he is doing well. Inspite of everything he is truly the happiest little guy on earth. Strange how someone so fragile, who has been through what he has can laugh and smile so much. (So who are we to be cranky for waking up on the wrong side of the bed). He has bought a whole new level of joy into my life. I went back to work with a better sense for my clients than I had before. If you see Jamir say HELLO he loves conversation (babble), toss him a ball he'll roll it back, play a song and he'll dance/clap with you,sing the nursery rhymes and he'll bounce along, I promise he will make your day. I wouldnt change him if I could, just the people he'll come across in life.

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arthur stout, United States, PA
6/26/2013 7:03:09 PM
It hard to find a respectful and well behaved 12yr old girl in the U.S.A like majidah. Three cheers for being a great big sister to Jamir

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