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Eyes Wide Open
Eyes Wide Open

I was wearing a green dress that day, sitting at my desk at work, it was a slow day; and then the telephone rang. When I answered the phone I recognized my OB's voice and he said "Maria, your results are back from your blood work and your AFP results show a slightly higher risk of you having a child with Down syndrome." My heart stopped, I went blank and whatever else he said was a blur. I asked for permission to leave work and rushed home, crying hysterically. What did this mean? I thought to myself. Is it my fault? Did I do something wrong? Once I got home my husband and I were in shock, we did not know what to do. What could we do? The rest is history. After a series of monthly visits to the geneticist and regular OB visits the rest of my pregnancy was great and then came the day 09/08/2000, the day Christopher was born. His eyes were wide open! Christopher has made me find a place within myself I did not know existed. I was very worried in the beginning what would be of us and Christopher; luckily along the line we have made great relationships with his doctors, teachers and therapists. Christopher has superseded all of my expectations. The first three years of Christopher's life were very difficult and scary. He suffered many upper respiratory infections and has had three surgeries. Sometimes I am amazed at his tolerance on life. Christopher is now 11 years old and boy is he a busy body. He is a stout, music loving, hip hop dancing cowboy. He loves music and dance and when I say "love" I mean it. I am so proud of his accomplishments through all these years. He has participated in the Special Olympics and won 2 silver medals. Christopher is a character; he has a charming personality and a smile that will melt you. He makes me forget how bad my day is or what deadlines I need to meet. I believe our family is truly blessed to have Christopher. He has the love of his father and I and his two sisters. We are fortunate to be surrounded by friends and family that are really involved in his accomplishments. I know for a fact this school year he has won the hearts of his classmates. His teacher and classroom aides always joke how he is "babied" by his peers and boy does Christopher milk it. I work very close with the public and whenever I see a child with Down syndrome I tell them they are very fortunate in having such a blessed gift from God. A child with a disability is not a burden but a challenge. Not so much for the child but for the caregiver, how much can you help this child achieve. They have no limit; all you can do is try!

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Roberto R Rodriguez, United States, AR
5/11/2011 9:51:38 PM
Great story!!!!

Luz Jimenez, United States, CA
5/10/2011 11:34:16 PM
You and your family are BLESSED! You have a special gift from above!

Danielle Teodoro, United States, NY
5/10/2011 11:24:07 PM
I had the pleasure of meeting Christopher a few years ago when him, his Mom and Sister came to New York. He is so much fun and his smile is contagious. And yes he does LOVE to dance!

David Robinson, United States, OR
5/5/2011 12:21:19 PM
Very touching story and comments...Way to go on Your Olympics, GOOD JOB...keep up the smiles and dancing. God Bless

Dana Gibson, United States, OK
5/4/2011 9:18:24 AM
My children and I have been with Christopher on several occasions and he is a blessed joy.

Ron Cothran, United States, OK
5/3/2011 5:02:36 PM
We have been around Christopher on a few occasions and always been a very sweet and happy child.

dera mcglugritch, United States, AR
5/3/2011 12:58:33 PM
Christopher IS a little charmer, I just cant help but smile when he is around and when the music starts so does he...such a joy and he ALWAYS wears his smile!!

yesica mora , United States, AR
5/3/2011 11:24:07 AM
DIOS nos bendice de muchos modos y para mi trabajar y conoser a tu familia ah sido una bendicion el ver el amor , y la fortaleza que tienen me hace admirarlos

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