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My daughter Emily defines the word blessing. She was born in August in 2008 and we were so excited to have some good come our way after I very sadly lost my brother that February. After she was born her diagnosis was a surprise to all of us and I really thought, why me, haven't I gone through enough? I didn't know anything about Down syndrome and was very scared. Each day that Emily is with us I can see now that she was really meant to be with us and has brought so much happiness to our family. Now we know that it was a loss of our expectations we were grieving, not the lovely baby girl we had in front of us. She is such a sweet, loving and happy little girl! I love watching her reach new milestones that she has worked so hard to achieve. I look forward to the many more achievements that will make both her and me proud. People too often take the simple things for granted and watching my little girl grow and be the strong little person she is makes me appreciate the little things as well. I have so many hopes and dreams for Emily. I hope for acceptance, kindness and compassion because I know they are all the things that she will give to others. I will support my daughter in all that she wants to achieve and will never tell her that she can't do anything. I always say that I wish I could take Emily to the hospital to a new family who received the same diagnosis and tell them that it is not all bad and see what a wonderful little person she is. She is adored by her two brothers who are too young to understand what Down syndrome is but I know that they will be her biggest advocates for her when she is older. I also think having Emily will give my boys a better appreciation of people who are different from them and will be just as caring to them as they are to Emily. I know my little girl will grow up to be a wonderful, productive person in society and will show all those doubters out there that just because she may be have a disability does not mean that she can't do what they can! To us Emily's extra chromosome just means extra love, extra happiness and extra sweetness! She is perfect, she is ours, and we adore her.

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