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Dylan oh' Dylan
Dylan oh' Dylan

Dylan oh Dylan what a pain you can be But no matter what, you're the best that's happened to me Having a brother with Down syndrome is something that's hard to balance But I'm happy to have you, even though you have challenges When ever I'm down and sad you brighten up my day You are such a kind person, in your stubborn little way You love baseball, always yelling out, "ANGELS RULE!" You're a very smart little boy, even though people take you as a fool It's fun hanging with you, watching TV lazily And being wierded out when you fall asleep and show off your flexibility You're my little shadow, and when I'm not home you pout You talk to daddy like an angel, but he doesn't know your potty mouth You're strong as an ox, and you bite like a crocodile So I'm glad you don't fight you laugh, and that you don't frown you smile Dylan oh Dylan I love you, you really are a blast I'm sorry you are stuck in time, if only I can change your path But it's ok because when others give handshakes, you give hugs When others give hate, you give out love.

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cheryl hansberger, United States, CA
3/21/2011 8:44:49 PM
Love it!

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