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Debbie Lewis is turning 50
Debbie and Betty B. in younger years
Debbie and Betty B. in younger years
Debbie Lewis is turning 50

I was born in 1940's and was the first of 6 children born to my parents. The year after I graduated from high school, my youngest sibling was born. Debbie was born with Down syndrome and during a time when doctors recommended that she be institutionalized. My parents refused. Their daughter was going to do everything that was available. She is now a High-Functioning adult with Down syndrome. She went to public schools and then graduated from a Special-Needs H.S. She's been in Special Olympics for most of her life. She's participated in special needs programs in her town for most of her life. She is civic-minded and participates in most town activities. She has worked p-t for about 25 yrs. in a job normal people might have trouble with. She does sports, and she volunteers in many town activities - like the Food Pantry, etc., etc. She loves to dance and she loves the Red Sox. She now has a fiance'. In one month she will be turning 50 and a party is planned. She is well loved and many people will wish her a Happy Birthday !

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