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Danny Boy
Danny with his Halloween Clown Hair
Danny with his Halloween Clown Hair
Danny Boy

Danny is my 24-year-old brother and he has Down syndrome. Throughout the years, he has inspired me so much. He has taught me important virtues in life, such as patience and kindness. My brother is the sweetest and friendliest man I’ve ever met. In April 2008, my brother was at his day program with his care attendant. The care attendant decided to take Danny out to rent a movie. As they were rounding the corner onto a back road, they were hit by a dump truck. They rolled several times and the front end of the van was completely gone. Very unfortunately, my brother’s care attendant passed away on impact. My brother was still alive, but unconscious. Paramedics arrived on the scene and found Danny trapped under what was left of the seat. After they extricated him out, he regained consciousness but began aspirating. They quickly transported him to the hospital and he remained in critical condition for a few days. I remember hearing about it while I was in school and I quickly rushed to the hospital to see him. He had glass shards all over his body and I couldn’t stop crying. He woke up shortly after I arrived and started crying out my name. The doctor’s told us that he broke his legs in several places and it would be hard for him to walk for a long time. Two weeks later, he was released and came home. I was overjoyed that my brother was finally coming home, but that joy was short-lived. Danny had an infection that was spreading. We didn’t know about it until we took him in because he looked so pale and sickly. Within an hour of checking back into the hospital, Danny’s heart started failing. I remember the nurses piled in and said “We need to take him to the ICU; his heart is failing.” Very fortunately, they were able to stabilize his heart again, and a week later, Danny was once again released to go home. As I mentioned before, the doctor’s told us it would be a very long time before Danny would be able to walk again. Six months after the accident, I was playing catch outside with Danny, and all of a sudden, he stood up out of his wheelchair and took a few steps. He was walking again! All of this goes to show that there is something truly special in each person with Down Syndrome. Danny is truly my family’s miracle, and I would never trade him for anything in the world. I am truly blessed!

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