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Daddy You are the Best!
Daddy You are the Best!

I could tell you all about how fantastic our younger son, Joshua (or "JJ") is... how he plays hide and seek with his big brother, Gabe (who is pretty wonderful too!), how he starts our days with laughter, jokes, and joy, and how smart he is... but this is also a tribute to his dad - Chris - who has taught JJ the alphabet, and to start to read.. JJ's dad is the kindest teacher imaginable, and JJ is one of the most receptive of students. You should see the pair working together on spelling out words, and making the sounds of each letter. The bond is so strong, that JJ learned at a lightening quick speed, and loves the learning (and the teacher :), as much as he loves to play with his big brother (alot!). This is a testament to those who think children with Down syndrome are slow to learn: THEY ARE NOT! Through his dad's patient teachings, JJ has learned basic counting, all of his colors, to spell basic words, and both the ASL and non-ASL alphabet..and he's only 2 and a half years old.. So here's to you JJ: you astound and amaze us everyday... we love you so very much... and are so proud of you, and to his dad, Chris: the world's best father & teacher..happy Father's Day!

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Jacqueline cole, United States, VA
6/6/2011 11:13:33 AM
I agree completely with my dear Andrea. Christopher is my wonderful son and Joshua is my fab grandson. JJ's Mom and big brother complete a perfect family and I love them all. Grandmama

Pauline Humphries, United States, NY
6/17/2013 4:11:57 PM
Hope you had a great fathers day! Keep up the good work as you can see it is well worth it.

Lorie Quackenbush, United States, PA
6/16/2013 12:01:15 PM
awesome job Dad .. wtg to you and JJ.. soo happy for you both to have that bond and that God gave JJ to a sweet , kind and patient loving Dad ..God Bless will remember you all in my prayers to keep your family safe and happy <3

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