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Charles in Charge
Charles in Charge

We entered the gynecologists' office expecting to find out the sex of our baby. He began by telling us that our baby would be born with Down syndrome. The next few minutes were spent explaining a little about Down syndrome and what kind of health issues the baby could be born with. He then gave us our "options," including abortion. We immediately responded by letting him know that killing our baby was not an "option." We were not prepared for this kind of news but, we definitely knew that we would give our baby every chance at life we could. Almost fifteen years ago our son was born via emergency c-section due to his blood pressure dropping too quickly during birth. He was born without all the health complications that a lot of babies with Down syndrome are born with. His only health issue was upper respiratory ailments that he has outgrown now. Praise the Lord! We are grateful to everyone who has prayed for our son, Charles, through these years. He was enrolled at an early intervention school, Challenged Child and Friends, Inc., before he was born and started his schooling and physical development at six weeks of age. He struggled with talking and we were very concerned about his speech development. Now, I just wish he would be quiet for two minutes! He has grown and developed into a very confident and independent young man. His most pronounced attribute is his outgoing personality. He never meets a stranger when we go out anywhere in public and most people fall in love with him when they meet him. He gets away with things that anyone else would be made to sit down and be quiet. Hopefully he will use his charismatic personality and his love of music and acting to do something positive with his life. We are encouraging him in this direction since he seems to enjoy it and he seems to learn through music. We call him the "Elvis Kid." He likes to listen to Elvis, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, old time Rock and Roll, Frank Sinatra, and Bing Crosby. He will be getting a drum set for his fifteenth birthday this year and we will be getting ear plugs. Ha! Ha! He is a typical teenager as far as being girl crazy goes. He insists that Miley Cyrus is his number one girlfriend and is going to be his wife someday. Watch out Miley. In the meantime, he has a whole bunch more girls he calls his girlfriends. These include most female characters from Disney television shows at some point and time. A few to mention are Sharpay from "High School Musical," Mitchie from "Camp Rock" and the list keeps growing. He claims a few hearts at school as well. He has a complete entourage at times. He enjoys summer camp, basketball, and sailing in the Georgia Special Olympics Regatta every year as well.

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Connie Heckert, United States, GA
12/3/2012 7:21:06 PM
Charles is still going strong and keeps amazing us with his ever growing love of music. We just want him to make the most of his abilities.

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