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Chapter Two
Chapter Two

So many things have changed in the last two years, since Aubry's birth. We are no longer fearful of an unknown future, and have instead learned to live each day to its fullest, and even look ahead at our future with increasing hope and optimism. It hasn't always been this way. Just two short years ago, our Aubry was born with the usual health problems associated with Down syndrome. Since that time, the holes in her heart have closed, and the low immunity has appeared to stabilize. Aside from a diagnosis of AAI (Atlantio Axial Instability) found after a seemingly innocent fall from our bed, Aubry has exceeded all expectations and preconceptions. She went from not being able to sit up on her first birthday, to running through the house, trying to keep up with her sister on her second birthday. This, even after we were told, walking would be delayed, most likely until three years or more. Rather than working on walking we have graduated to swimming, which is more frightening to us, and more exciting to her. When people inform you about the traits of children with Down syndrome they fail to say how fearless these kids are. From jumping off the bed to jumping into a pool, they bound through their lives with a joyful abandon, and arms open wide to embrace the days. Thanks to both her sister Emily and our families, including all aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins, as well as the teachers that work with Aubry everyday, and our Nanny Tina, her speech improves daily, and her social skills are very advanced. As we watch Aubry grow, with guidance and love of her big sister Emily, it is with a sense of great pride that we say we have two smart young daughters, one of which has Down syndrome, both of which are loved; and help to complete our perfect little family. We are now ready to start the work needed to develop the next chapter in our lives. A summer camp for kids with Down syndrome to come to in Hawaii, and have a tropical island trip, while their families get some respite care. It is our intent to start with a camp, and lead into a boarding school that would teach older children skills to care for themselves, and live independently, as well as safely. The next few years may be hectic, and full of big dreams, but with little steps, I THINK WE CAN ACHIEVE OUR GOAL. In the end of our lives we hope our daughters will have the ability to keep the camp running, and successful, as well as fun for our guests. We hope to see as many of you as we can, attend our camp! So until its time to write our third chapter, we bid you a love filled ALOHA!

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