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Can You See Me?
Can You See Me?
Can You See Me?
Can You See Me?

Can you see my eyes are slanted, Or do you look into my soul. Can you see my ears are smaller, Or do you hear my words "I Love You." Can you see my tongue is bigger, Or do you say "I Love You, too." Can you see my nose is flatter, Or do you smell the flower I give you. Can you see my teeth are a little crooked, Or do you see my wide white smile. Can you see my speech is different, Or do you listen when I talk. Can you see the line across my palm, Or do you feel me when I touch. Can you see I am a little shorter, Or do you notice I stand so tall. Can you see my muscles not so strong, Or do you feel I hug so tight. Can you see me as a different pal, Or do you know I just want friends. Can you see these as a part of me, Or do you know I was meant to be. Can you see that I am different, Or do you see the inner me. Can you hear the beating heart God gave, It beats the same inside of me. Don't always look toward the outside, Or you will miss the inside of me. I can see the real you, Can you see the real me? Dedicated to all "The Me's," by Renee Farrow- Bennett. Inspired by my son, Christian Jack-Douglas Bennett, who was born on September 15, 1993.

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carmen , United States, NC
7/19/2011 9:13:51 PM
wonderfully stated.

Melissa, United States, IL
8/2/2011 5:16:25 PM
brought me to tears, these children are so special.

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