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Blake Hendon the Star
Blake Hendon the Star

I was 20 years old when I delivered Blake in 2000, not knowing anything was wrong. The moment I had him they took him for oxygen and a few hours later they came in to tell me he had Down syndrome. I felt so empty but the moment they brought him in I felt so much love. I still felt hurt and sad. They continued to ask me if I wanted to give him up - telling me how hard it was going to be. I would never give my baby away. It took me eight years to relax a little and let him grow up. He will be 12 this year on my birthday, December 14th. God blessed me with him on my birthday. He has taught me that what matters in life is the little things and how to love more than I ever knew how to. He has four brothers and one sister and the love they share is amazing. My Blake is my light. When I'm sad, I look at him. He is always grinning and always happy. Still today this boy teaches me so much. He is my hero. If we could all be as happy as he is the world would be awesome. As for me, I have five kids and they are all I know. My five kids know the meaning of love, all because Blake teaches us so much about life and love. Blake is truly my blessing. He saved me. My great story will go on and on.

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