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Anna's Angels
Anna's Angels

My husband, Benson, and I have two beautiful children; Lauren, 15, and Benson, 6. We were trying to have another child to add to our family!  We found out on October 10, 2011 we were pregnant!  January 11, 2012 at 18 weeks, we found out something was wrong with our baby girl.  She had an enlarged heart and a nuchal sac on the back of her neck. We went to a maternal fetal medicine specialist and had an amniocentesis done. We found out our little girl had Down syndrome.  We went to a cardiologist and were told she had pulmonary valve atresia with a tricuspid valve leak.  She also had ascites, the first signs of heart failure.  The cardiologist told us she would pass away in utero around 26 weeks.  26 weeks came and she was still moving around like a fire cracker! We decided to see a new maternal fetal medicine specialist in New Orleans at Ochsner’s Hospital.  We decided to have her there because I could deliver her and if she needed surgery it could all be done at the same hospital.  I was 35 weeks when we went to Ochsner’s.  The doctor did an ultrasound and asked if any other doctors had spoken about her other organs. Her heart was growing so large; it inhibited growth of her lungs.  We had two choices; to do intervention or let her go back home. I spoke with many other specialists and our priest.  At 36 weeks we picked out her casket and plot.  That was the hardest decision my husband and I have ever had to make. Anna Jeter Greer was born on May 31, 2012 at 38 weeks and two days.  She was 7lbs. 2oz, 20” long, and the most beautiful baby! She shortly passed away in my arms. That day changed our lives forever!  About two months after Anna passed I decided to get involved with the Down Syndrome Association of Greater New Orleans.  I did this because I wanted to keep her memory alive, interact with children who have Down syndrome, and help other families. I joined as a member and found out about the Buddy Walk®.  I created a team in her honor, Anna’s Angels.  I went to the local radio station to promote the Buddy Walk®, rounded up volunteers from a local high school, and brought in Self-Advocate Craig Blackburn to my son’s school to inform the children about Down syndrome. I brought in two new sponsors for the DSAGNO Buddy Walk®.  I did it for Anna and all other children with special needs.  Advocacy, awareness, and inclusion are important for children with special needs! The board saw my actions and asked me to send in my resume for Executive Director’s position at DSAGNO.  November 16, 2012, I received the phone call that I was chosen for the position! My passion, drive, and Anna have led me here today! I believe God has a calling for everyone and showed me my path with Anna. 

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Paula LaCour, United States, LA
12/11/2012 7:51:41 PM
Heartwarming story

Megan LaCour, United States, LA
12/10/2012 8:03:29 AM
Jessica you are an amazing mom.

Paula LaCour, United States, LA
12/10/2012 8:02:28 AM
We need more Jessica's and her family in our world.

Tony Piontek , United States, LA
12/9/2012 10:07:13 PM
WOW! You're quite a mom who can turn something to be so beautiful and making it to be an inspired message for everyone to read this story. Also it wonderfully keeps your daughter name spirit alive and the spirit lvies on and gives meaning to life. Like to see or hear from me Mrs.Jessica I'm WTony Piontek from New Iberia, Louisiana this great friend yiu Craig Blackburn is a special friend to me ,too. Here's my cell number to cocnnect with me. Its (337)-519-4603 For more information from me I ia'm the Self Advocate for the DSAA,the Down Symdrome Assoication of Acadiana and we're on face book so you can look us up as well as our DSAA group wht we do and what we do. "I'd love to help you out Mrs.Jesssica in any way possible. Now that you're ewith the DSAGNO group. Oour web site we have links to DSAGNO, and incldes. the NDSC from Atlanta, GA and the NDSS from New York ,NY

Patricia Ehrle, United States, LA
12/6/2012 8:00:21 AM
Jessica is an amazing lady who took her baby's loss and turned it into a positive experience and way to keep Anna's name and spirit alive and spread the message that our children are blessings and full of potential.

Regina W Schellhaas, United States, LA
12/5/2012 10:47:04 PM
Good Luck Jessica!!!!

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