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Angel from Heaven
Football is fun!
Football is fun!
Angel from Heaven

We first found out that my son, Bobby, was an angel on earth only three days after he was born. He was born two and a half weeks early by c-section due to complications. We were not sure if he definitely had Down syndrome until after he was born. Luckily, his heart was fine, but he had jaundice, immature lungs and trouble keeping his body temperature. He had to be sent to the NICU at a different hospital a few towns away two days later. My husband and I spent all day with him doing whatever we could. The next day, my husband called out of work to go to the NICU to see Bobby again. As he picked Bobby up from his special crib, a horrible feeling came over him. My husband was having a heart attack. He was rushed downstairs to the emergency room where he underwent surgery immediately. My husband is here today because Bobby was born early and was in the NICU. If he wasn't there and was at work instead, things would have turned out much differently. Bobby saved his life. Bobby didn't stop affecting lives there. At 11 months old, he developed AML Leukemia. He spent the next 10 months in the hospital. He quickly became known throughout the whole hospital. We had an “open door” policy, and we would frequently get visits from people who needed to be cheered up. Doctors and nurses, hospital staff, patients and even visitors would get love and laughs from Bobby when they needed it the most. The kitchen staff would fight over who would bring him his meals! Now, we are happy to say that Bobby has been cancer free for two years, but he still spreads his joy. He has to wave and say hi to everyone and often outstretches his arms to give hugs. One elderly lady at a store cried when he hugged her because she missed her grandchildren so much, and he made her feel better. When Bobby was born, I was not sure how I was going to handle his Down syndrome because I didn't know much about it. I realize now, that I didn't have to know anything about it. He took care of everything for us. Bobby has easily made us aware of how wonderful individuals with Down syndrome are and how happy they are with their own lives. For the past three years, I am constantly being taught lessons from him as much as I am trying to teach him too. I am so proud of my little angel, and am so thankful for being blessed with him. I love you Bobby!

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