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An Extra Leaf
An Extra Leaf

Amongst the fields of lush green lies something beautiful but mostly unseen Many will walk by Not caring for the rare treasure Their eyes focused on the fields of great measure But for the one who stops and looks A special plant they do see A tiny clover with four leaves; not the typical three An extra measure of blessings some think A prize A rarity Tucked in your pocket it may bring great prosperity Not designed like the rest Not better Not worse Just a plant with an extra leaf Created in part; to help us with the very simple belief That treasures are not always what we think Sometimes they require an extra look Almost lost in a wink To see the gift that we may miss That extra leaf that brings with it . . . a beautiful bliss. Written by Charrissa Browning inspired by my son who is blessed with an extra "leaf."

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Paula, United States, WA
10/12/2013 2:06:23 PM
What a wonderful story. It is always fun to see the analogies. My extra leafed daughter has taught me to slow down and "see" the treasures all around. My life is richer because of her. Have a wonderful day

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