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Amazing Trista
Full of Life
Full of Life
Amazing Trista

In June of 2004, our daughter Trista was born with Down syndrome. We were so excited yet on nerves not knowing what to expect. When we found out at 4 months pregnant that she had Down syndrome, we contacted our local Down syndrome association and immediately got involved and learned all that we needed to do to get her on the right start for after her birth. She came into this world absolutely beautiful and had an amazingly strong determination right from the start! In September of 2006, Trista was just a little over 2 years old when we received news that she had been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia or AML. This was the most shocking and difficult news and time for our family but let me tell you, Trista was very strong and full of life through the next 6 months. She never sat still and never let this disease get her down. We walked the floors from 8 am to 7 pm daily with our constant companion the IV pole. There was never a day that she just laid around in her room. Trista would fill those halls with so much joy, love, compassion and laughter. That is who Trista is! Patients and parents would look for Trista to come by with her infectious smile and "Hi!" Trista was a great part of bringing joy and happiness to those patients and parents in a time of great difficulty in their lives. I am very proud and blessed to say that Trista has helped us and many others to see the meaning of life... have determination, a huge heart for others and a lot of love with a great big smile each and every day no matter what your challenge is! Trista has now been in remission for 3' years living life to the fullest! She has passion for school, learning, friends, amusement parks, music and soccer. She is our "Amazing Terrific Trista."

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