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Aggressive Knowledge
Aggressive Knowledge

I just found out my cousin's baby has Down syndrome. It has been a month since the birth, and I and my family just found out. I know they needed time to comprehend, and I understand that. On the first night after finding out and I was thinking about them, I was wishing them the best for them. I was also told that sometimes survival is not really an option with heart conditions or such and was under the impression that letting the child go, might be better for all. And well, I must admit when thinking about what is best for them, I did actually think if it would be easier on them and the child, if there was no hope for a valued life, then they must do what they must do, I was kind of thinking them through what the best decision would be. And I knew if it were to live, and go 100% in taking care of the child, well I would always be there for them, and totally understood that, but if it were really not all that 100%, I needed to have some understanding on the other side, now, so that I could always understand the decision they made in the future. So that first night I gave thought to the side of letting him go. Well how stupid was I. That is not the case at all, after finally communicating with the family (and I am hurt inside on thinking I would think of such a thing). They, Eric and Kimberly, Lucas's parents, my cousins are in full force of supporting the baby (Lucas is his name by the way) and were probably from the time he was born (which if I knew more about the situation at when I was fed the information, and wasn't given the option of well their might be that they would have to give up, or couldn't keep the baby, I would have been the same way. Full on life. Well you know what, reality is what you make of it, and to be the loving, caring and understanding parent, or cousin, you need to be 100% sure from the get go, and in heart and mind, and that is what I saw and learned where the minds were at. And now mine is at. Some if not all of me knows it was not knowing exactly what Down syndrome was and not knowing it was more common, and that it is and could be a very productive life. Well, now knowing that, gives me the strength to say heck ya! 100% go for it and live your life the way you intended, and I am there for you whenever I can be, with love and regards, Bret K

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