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Aaryan Swami, The Inspirartion
Aaryan Swami, The Inspirartion behind Courage to Continue...
Aaryan Swami, The Inspirartion behind Courage to Continue...
Aaryan Swami, The Inspirartion

I am so excited to share my story on this forum. I am a parent who has a five year old adorable toddler who has Down syndrome. My story begins with him and when he grows up, he will share his personal story for sure. Strangely Aaryan was diagnosed with Down syndrome after he was six months old. This news came as a huge shock to us. But, the best part about this late news was that Aaryan was already considered as one amongst everyone and not a special or different child. So in one day, only because of a diagnosis how could he change, or treated differently. I realized that in reality, the difference is in our minds. And, I will do whatever it takes to make the world believe that. Aaryan's diagnosis gave me an opportunity to meet with many parents who had children with similar or another diagnosis. My heart goes out to parents who get lost in this struggle and kill their own dreams and aspirations. But the truth is, we all had dreams while growing up. The roadway might seem difficult, but, there is a way out, it is not a dead end. We just need to find out that way. I found it in Aaryan's smile. I found the reason to live and enjoy. Firstly, he became the new source of my energy and strength. Secondly, my internal self called out aloud that it is only me who can help myself and my child. People will have opinions but we can surely steer them in the right directions. The smile of my baby and the support of my husband Vikram gave me that strength. We knew it in our heart that we will never let his smile fade. For this, I also needed to be myself and needed to continue to dream about my goals. So I decided to get back to college and fulfill my desire of studying in the college that I had always dreamt about Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. Aaryan is now an adorable five year old toddler, ready to take his first step towards Kindergarten in September, 2011. He surprises us with something new every single day. I realize how granted we take life and growth and forget to appreciate. We celebrate whatever Aaryan can do, and not fuss over what he cannot. His smile and laughter attracts unconditional love from everyone. His huge open armed hug touches many hearts and makes one say that, "this is what I call love"so pure and innocent'. I would love to share a clipping/trailer from a documentary "Courage to Continue" that is made on my story. If this movie can inspire, help or even challenge a few parents, we would feel our efforts have borne fruits. I feel honored and thank NDSS for allowing me to share my story here. I thank Roli' the director of this film for believing in my story and making it into a memorable documentary.

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krithika, India,
8/8/2017 4:35:35 AM
Very inspirationa. Loved it when you said "one day because of the diagnosis how could one change or treated differently". My daughter Riya is 17 mo and is charming smiley girl and me and my husband, Shiva already know that she is going to be shining star.

Shimonti Das Gupta, India,
6/22/2011 1:51:55 AM
it is fantastic. we actually take life for granted. Thank u for reminding us that every small thing matters and gives life a different meaning.

3/20/2011 10:27:23 AM
"""things are yet to happen ,life is yet to go....dis is just a bend not an end"". i like ur story....very touchng n very inspirational.....ALL THE BEST FOR UR DOCUMENTARY,WAITING TO SEE DAT....U PPL ARE DOING GREAT WORK. LOTS N LOTS OF LUV TO AARYAN ...."

rajkumarikhemka , Iran,
3/20/2011 1:07:01 AM
being nani of aaryan I feel proud of him. I really love his activities and all the achievements which he got from the efforts of Navneeta and Vikram.Navneeta and Vikram took a challenge to reach Aarayan at height .I bless Naneeta to fulfill her ambiti

Hitesh Swami, India,
3/19/2011 9:37:52 PM
Its really inspiring story by a mother for his son, his husband and her own. People take the life as it comes and rarely challenge to change it unless they are forced to. Its inspiring to see that she and the family has taken the challenge not only for he

Annie Abraham, India,
3/19/2011 12:55:05 AM
I am very touched by the story. I am proud and heppy to be acquainted with you guys. Keep it up....

Shweta Sandeep, United States, NJ
3/18/2011 1:10:59 PM
I have seen this video.It is a very inspiring video with positive messages.Navneeta has displayed the courage it takes to continue and i have immense respect for her for that. God bless her and her family.

TD & Suparna Dutta, United States, NJ
3/18/2011 2:16:07 AM
Very touching & inspiring story. Children always seem to amaze everyone. God Bless

amarjit singh anand, India,
3/18/2011 1:16:53 AM
Loved it.

Navneeta Khemka, United States, NY
3/17/2011 2:56:38 PM
"To go and watch the trailer, please copy and paste the link below in your browser."

Pronita Banerjee, United Kingdom,
12/1/2012 3:23:03 PM
What a coincidence - my son is also called Aaryan. He is an absolute joy to us and his elder brother. He is 6 yrs old and has DS. Reading about your Aaryan it seemed that I was was reading about mine. Love to you three .

Rashi Bhatnagar, United States, OR
06/25/2012 01:20:00
I appreciate Navneeta and Vikram's inspirational story. Like them we should accept our kids in any way. They are god's blessing. Life is very beautiful and kids make more vibrant. Aryan is great vibrant boy. I hope this great story will inspire other parents who sometimes feel weak or sad to accept their kids. Give them a chance and I bet they will be great daughters, sons and citizens.

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