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AJ- Just Your Average Brother
AJ was a Groomsmen at my Wedding this Year.
AJ was a Groomsmen at my Wedding this Year.
AJ- Just Your Average Brother

In honor of National Downs Syndrome Awareness Month, I would like to tell you about my brother, AJ. AJ is just your typical brother, you love him some days and your frustrated others, he just has that one extra chromosome that makes him just a little bit different. That extra chromosome sure did not get on the way of him being a typical boy. He was a part for Boy Scouts and received his Eagle Scout (without a modified program). He played youth baseball, was manager of his high school baseball team and while at “college” assisted with their baseball team as well. AJ was fully included in school system, thanks my mom for pushing the boundaries and teaching teachers and others that the extra chromosome just meant a little extra work. AJ has taken piano lessons from a young age (tip- it helps motor skills, but he doesn’t know that) and this past April when I got married, AJ played the piano during the seating of the mothers and grandparents, it was just beautiful (I don’t know many “normal” people that could do that!). AJ is very excited about his new job a local restaurant in town; he not only does his dishwashing duties, but also helps reset the restaurant, dance floor etc., and often works extra hours to do additional duties the manager has asked him to help with. One goal our family always had was, we just need to figure out a way so AJ can do it too- not much can stop him. He loves to go tubing on the boat, play Golf with my Dad, attend the young adult program at church and he is strong so he is always helping move things around- sounds like a typical young man to me. And he loves to root on his favorite sports teams (his memory of sports stats is amazing!). I'm so very proud of my brother and the young man he is becoming and with that extra chromosome just a little bit more to love.

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pam clark, United States, FL
10/15/2013 12:52:15 PM
You have made each other who you are today. thank you for sharing your story -

Mark Martin, United States, FL
10/15/2013 8:41:35 AM
A. J. is the best! I always think of him as any other kid growing up BUT this young man is truly a gem.....:-) Nice article to celebrate your brother Nicole! Mark

Bart Trueblood, United States, FL
10/15/2013 8:27:42 AM
Good story.

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