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A Thanksgiving to Remember
Ray, Ronnie, and Me (Rich)
Ray, Ronnie, and Me (Rich)
A Thanksgiving to Remember

My late brother, Ronald Alesky, died at the age of 23, in a tragic house fire in 1987, three weeks before my wedding. Ronnie, as he was known to my family and friends, was the usual God's gift to everyone who came in contact with him. Ronnie had a knack for creating laughter that came from deep inside you. During one Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house, my brothers, my cousins, and I were all sitting at our own table enjoying a delicious traditional dinner, when my brother Ronnie broke into one of comedic acts. As we were all stuffing our faces and sipping on our drinks, Ronnie continued with one of his best routines to date. Food was falling out of our mouths and drinks were being spit across the table and out of noses as we laughed uncontrollably. It was the most horrific and disgusting moment ever in the Alesky household, and it just fueled the fire for Ronnie to continue his comedic rampage. After 15 minutes or so of hysterical laughter, the fun finally ended when my older bother Ray leaned back in his chair to catch his breath, and then fell forward with all his force right on to my cousin's big toe. The scream could be heard for miles. After the dust cleared, we had one broken toe, a table full of regurgitate food, and thousands of tears of laughter. Although concerned, Ronnie just sat there with his usual smug smirk, "made you laugh," look on his face. When our families get together we still talk about that day and it still makes us laugh. We all loved Ronnie for his humor, bologna sandwiches, Beatles music playing throughout the house, and most importantly, his unconditional love.

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Catherine Bronson, United States, IL
11//29/2011 7:41:26 PM
I will always remember Ronnie. Great Story.

Mary Ann DeMarco, United States, IL
11/29/2011 7:41:26 PM
I will always remember Ronnie. Great Story.

Raymond Alesky, United Kingdom, AZ
11/29/2011 6:28:11 PM
Although I was there that day and know the story like it happened yesterday, I still found myself caught up in the moment as I read it and laughed all over again. Great story Richard! Thank you for sharing with the world and brightening my day! I love

Martin Alesky, United Kingdom,
12/2/2011 12:47:09 PM
Great story Rich :-), I never had the good fortune to have met my cousin Ronnie and this story shows what a warm and funny guy he was :-)

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