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A Story of Happiness
Charles Spreading Joy!
Charles Spreading Joy!
A Story of Happiness

My name is Jennifer, and I am the proud mother of my 2 year-old-son names Charles who happens to have Down syndrome. Charles is great and can do many things like walk, give the greatest hugs, dance, sing the "O" in "Old MacDonald has a Farm," and so much more! There is one thing that Charles does best " he can make anyone smile. A typical shopping adventure at the mall generally consists of Charles giving me the signal to walk and hold his hand. As we stroll through the mall, I typically hear, "Oh, look at that cute boy." Charles instantly turns his head, smiles and waves as if it's his best friend. Instantly, the people smile and wave back. Sunday mass is the best, Charles is practically a celebrity! The waves begin as soon as we enter the church. Charles and Father shake hands, and Charles gives him a high-five. As the mass continues, Charles waves to everyone, from the members of the congregation behind us to the organist in the balcony. Charles has greatly impacted my husband's life. He has become a super-dad, and my hero. My son has a colostomy due to Hirschsprung's disease. Every week after my husband applies the colostomy bags, Charles gives us both a big hug. I think he's saying "thanks for being so gentle, Dad." Charles has had numerous hospital visits - my husband is always by his side. Whenever we go to a kids show at our local arena, Charles sits with his father for protection from the loud noises. Because of our son, my husband has become a gentle, compassionate protector. And then there's me. Whenever I talk about my son, I glow. I can't help but smile in amazement. I appreciate all of his abilities, big and small. I view crying and tantrum as simple development and embrace his progress. The anticipation of Charles reaching his milestones, gives me more of a reason to celebrate when he achieves them. Charles constantly reminds me to raise my expectations. He helps me see all the positive things that life can bring. My son's great story has just begun. I am enjoying his toddler years, and while I don't know what the future has in store for him, I know that he will be his very best, and he will bring happiness into many people lives. And that, to me, is perfect.

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