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A Special Bond
A Special Bond

Our daughter Sophia was born 2 weeks early; clearly in a rush to meet us! We had no idea that she had Down syndrome although I did go for amnio, the doctor was unable to break my membrane (which is rare) and we could see our little angel moving her hand toward where the needle was trying to enter, as if she were swiping it away. At every sonogram, Sophia always showed the back of her, never the front. No matter what the technician did, she refused to turn. (This feistiness would prove to be one of her key character traits!) We were told that it was important to get a frontal view, in part to see if there were any Down syndrome markers. When she finally did turn, at 27 weeks, there was a marker two echogenic foci on her heart. We were unfazed. When Sophia was born 11 weeks later, she came very quickly. Once on the warming tray, my husband, her wonderful father, Andrew, went over to peer at our miracle. He came back over to me and told me that he thought she had Down syndrome. When I asked him why he thought that, he said "Because she opened up her eyes and told me her secret." To this day, they are bosom buddies, always sharing a giggle and a laugh together. She worships him, and he her. His pride in her and everything she does is palpable; their mutual love for each other is a joyous thing to behold. How truly blessed I am.

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Dina Crew, United States, FL
5/22/2011 3:17:01 PM
What a beautiful bond the two share! It is much to be admired!

Meg Chiljean, United States, FL
5/23/2011 7:43:57 PM
Anyone can be a father, but Andrew shows that he's a dad.

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