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A Pinch of Hope
Brooke and Matthew
Brooke and Matthew
A Pinch of Hope

The following story was written three years ago by my 10 year old daughter, Brooke. She recalls the journey our family was on during my pregnancy and birth of her brother, Matthew, who is now nearly 4 years old. I could write a book on the wondrous ways he's impacted our lives, but it is so beautiful to see the world through the eyes of a child. April 24, 2007 This story is dedicated to my baby brother, Matthew Phillip Dupuis. He inspired me to write this story because he has brought so many smiles, happiness and joy to our family. In August 2007, my mom told me that we were going to have another brother or sister. We were so excited! My mom had an ultrasound. The doctor said that some things did not look good. He said that the baby would die before, during, or shortly after birth. My parents asked if he thought the baby had Down syndrome, and the doctor said no, it was much worse. When we got home from school, I knew that something went terribly wrong. My parents told my brother and I the bad news. I was both sad and surprised at the same time. The test results were not coming back for about 4 days, so we spent the weekend praying and asking God for a miracle. Everyone was so sad, but I told my Mom and Dad that we just needed to have hope because God could make anything happen. My family decided we would name the baby Matthew, which means "Gift of the Lord God." So many people started praying for our family from all over the United States and Canada. Finally, the results came back and the specialist called. He told my Mom that Matthew would live and only had Down syndrome. When we came home from school, my parents told us and I felt like the happiest girl in the world! The doctor said there was a chance that Matthew could be born with many problems, so we prayed a lot. We started getting letters from people we didn't even know telling us they were praying for our family. Then on Easter Sunday, April 16th, 2006 he was born the great miracle of my baby brother Matthew! I was so happy and could not wait to see him. He was six weeks early, so he had to stay in the I.C.U. for two weeks. He was born without any big health problems. I know that all our prayers helped Matthew to be alive and healthy. Even though he has Down syndrome, we still treat him the same way we would treat any other baby boy. People with Down syndrome may learn slower, but they can accomplish great things in the world. Many can live alone, have jobs and take care of themselves. We are so lucky to have Matthew in our lives. Without God's help and my little pinch of hope he might not be here today.

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