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A New Purpose
A New Purpose

On August 12, 2010 an angel was born into this world. Her name is Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards). She could not have been given a more suitable name. I have always mentored troubled children, usually teenagers, but God was fixing to shift my role in a very big way. Two years ago, a beautiful girl I mentored was murdered by the father of her children. It was a total shock to all who knew this couple. She had three beautiful children she left behind and I worried about their future, so I put in a custody order to protect them from foster care. It was during this time that Nevaeh was born. Nevaeh's mother was only 16-years-old with no parental support and little life skills. She came to me asking for help with her daughter. She was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth. I agreed to take the baby and get her all the help possible so her mom had a chance to get on her feet. Who would have known that the girl I mentored and fought for her children was Neveah's mom's sister! Nevaeh has brought so much happiness into our lives. She has taught me so much about how I look at life. She has given my life a deeper purpose, in addition to my work and educating people about her wonderful abilities! I was listed as the noncustodial parent of the three children I fought for. I took in Nevaeh, and in May, we added three more children with special needs to our home to prevent them from being separated in foster care. God is brilliant in his plans. None of these events were an accident. I am a strong advocate, a single parent of 10 children. I have been blessed and I dance with angels everyday.

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