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A Mother's Pride!
A Mother's Pride!

I have always felt blessed. Having three boys, beautiful boys, who filled my heart with love and joy every day. Then I found out I was pregnant for the forth time. We were so excited to add on to our wonderful family. At 33 weeks, my obgyn asked me to come in for a stress test because there were concerns of the baby's size. On 8-9-11 I went to the office for a stress test and failed. I then had to go to the hospital for another sonogram. This nurse was very quiet and didn't give me any information about what was going on. An hour after that, an orderly asked me to follow him to the maternity floor. Here I was admitted and hooked up to many machines. An obgyn, whom I've never met, explained to me that my doctor wouldn't be here due to an injury so he will be taking care of me. He then told me that I was having contractions, there was no amniotic fluid around the baby, the baby's heart rate was rising and falling, and he had to be delivered NOW! I started frantically calling everyone I knew and making arrangements for my other 3 boys - my head was spinning! This was happening all too fast. But, despite being 7 weeks early, Jacob was born just fine. No breathing machines and a completely healthy 3 lb 9oz baby boy. After 3 weeks in the hospital, Jacob was strong enough to come home and meet the rest of his family. My family was complete. 
Right before he turned 8 months we found out he has nystagmus and underdeveloped nerves in his eyes and the doctor told us of concerns regarding Down syndrome. So, we took him for a blood test. For 4 weeks we did all the research we could, looking over our son for any sign of this. 4 weeks of preparing myself for the news was nerve racking. On 4-27-12 we found out our son has Down syndrome. Worried about the hardships our son will face, yet happy we had an answer, I cried tears of release. 
I'm not sad or upset that he has Down syndrome. I'm not overly joyed either. I'm proud! Proud of the milestones he's reaching. Proud of him learning control with his eyes. Proud of every smile and sparkle in his eyes. I'm proud of every moment with him and all of my boys. My oldest son, 8 yrs old, told me, "mom, don't worry if he won't grow to work or have a house cuz I'll get a really good job make lots of money and pay all of Jacob's bills for him. And I'll drive him everywhere. Even his first date because having your mom there is just awkward!" all of Jacobs older brothers look after and protect him. They play with him, feed him, hold him, and love him so much! We all do!

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