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A Lifetime Loving Liam
A Lifetime Loving Liam

10 little fingers, 10 little toes,
A gummy smile, and a tiny button nose
A sweet belly laugh, and a strong will to live
Difficulty encompasses you, yet, your love you generously give
A heart of a lion, a laughter that heals
A soul of an angel, blessed with countless ordeals
47 chromosomes, hypotonia, VSD
No matter what your condition, you will always be perfect to me
Beautiful speckled iris, almond shaped eyes
A passionate spirit and an endless will to try
“I can do as other’s do Mommy, it Just takes me a little while longer than most.”
“….I will walk and talk properly someday Daddy. But please be patient? Teach me? Love me? Hold me close?”
“I promise to be a good boy.”
Baby’s eyes will often say.
After tickles, cuddles, and kisses, he laughs, dances, and plays.
“You must brush your teeth.” Said mama.
“…just like Llama-Llama did.”
“Don’t bite your friends, like DJ Lance on Yo Gabba Gabba, said.”
“See that hungry caterpillar? He eats his fruits and vegetables too!
And when you’re old enough to realize your dreams, mama and daddy will help you reach them, like that crazy cow who jumped over the moon.”
Remember to pray always, for Heavenly Father truly understands.
He will love, guide, and protect you, and comfort you when you are sad. Every day with you is a treasured gift
You taught us to love, taught us to live
You’ve humbled our hearts, and unbridled our joy
You are far greater than perfect, my precious little boy.

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Gregg, Oman,
12/21/2014 12:15:25 AM
Pretty awesome Amy! I am proud and honored to have known you. I wish you the very best. God Bless you and your prince.

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