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A Grandmother's Story
Cody Looks Up to Brother Jeremy
Cody Looks Up to Brother Jeremy
A Grandmother's Story

My life changed forever three years and six months ago. I would never be the same person again. My daughter, Joanne, had two miscarriages. I was with her when, at four months pregnant, we saw on the ultrasound that their precious little boy was no longer alive. I waited with excited anticipation babysitting her one-year-old son while she was again at an OB appointment. She came through my front door crying and holding the ultrasound photo in her hand. The baby she was carrying and loving would be born in seven months with Down syndrome and would require open heart surgery when just a couple of months old. Immediately, I became sick to my stomach and filled with fear, sadness and grief for our "normal baby." The unknown future was very scary. We spent the remainder of Joanne's pregnancy praying and learning more about the baby's conditions... wanting to know what to expect. However, I was not expecting what did happen. The first time I saw Cody, my heart just melted. He was so beautiful and peaceful. Once Cody healed from heart surgery, he began amazing us with his passion to learn, his independence, and his social skills. He is teaching us sign language and entertaining us with his dancing and enjoyment of life. Cody has changed all of us. He has brought such joy to our church family. He is teaching his four-year-old brother to be protective and, hopefully, more compassionate. Cody's father, who likes to be out of the limelight, has taken on a big challenge as President of our Lutherans For Life Sacramento Chapter. His mother has learned patience as she has taken Cody to numerous doctor's appointments and physical and speech therapies since his birth. And what has Grandma been taught? Cody has taught me, at my advanced age, a deep and unconditional love that I have never known before. Cody has been given an extra chromosome, and we now know why. That is the "love chromosome" that gives him a greater capacity to love others. He is definitely the most joyful, friendly, and loving little fellow I have ever known. Recently, we were in our Christian bookstore, and Cody found an older gentleman and was playing Ring Around the Rosie with him. There is absolutely nothing I would every change about our three-year-old boy with Down syndrome because he is perfect!

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Rosalinda Mclaughlin, United States, CA
8/1/2013 11:49:40 PM
I don't know Cody but just seeing his pics and love between he and his brother melt my heart

Diane Hintz, United States, CA
8/1/2013 3:17:26 PM
The "love chromosome" is such a fitting description. Cody is teaching us so much about love and acceptance.

Joanne Hintz, United States, CA
7/31/2013 8:48:02 PM
I'm the proud Mommy of Cody. He truly does love everyone unconditionally and is the light of our lives!

Jenny Randolph, United States, ID
7/31/2013 8:40:42 PM
Such a great story Dianne. Cody is truly a blessing to all of us. He is such a sweet boy. We should all be so blessed to love the way that he does.

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