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A Family Like Ours
Freeman Family
Freeman Family
A Family Like Ours

On Saturday we took the girls fishing and boy, oh boy, did we have a fun time together! Taylor, our oldest, is nine and has Down syndrome, and Trinity, our youngest, is two. We cruised around the lake until we thought we had the perfect fishing spot. We threw out our fishing reels and patiently waited for a bite. From time to time, Taylor would pulls hers back in though because she wanted to throw in another spot. Finally, Taylor did get the first bite! She reeled the baby fish in, smiling from ear to ear and we all were so excited! After a few minutes passed, Trinity our two year old asks "where is her mommy," she went on to say "she wants her mommy and that she misses her mommy." We were thinking that we were going to have to throw this fish back into the lake. Finally, Taylor gets another bite! She proudly reels in this fish and Trinity says, "oh there is her mommy." Then Trinity says, "where is her daddy?" The poor little girl still wasn't satisfied. But guess what, Taylor gets another bite. This time she reels in the daddy and this fish was bigger than the other two. He did really seem like he was the daddy. We thanked Taylor for a job well done but Trinity thought something was still missing. She then asked "where is the sister?" I thought, "you have got to be kidding me" but then it dawned on me, she wanted a family like ours. Taylor was getting tired by this time but she knew she needed to try to catch the sister and she did! As Taylor reeled the sister in, we were all patiently awaiting her arrival. As the sister came in, Trinity says, "oh there she is!" We praised Taylor and were so proud of her for catching our little family! By this time, I wanted to cry. Our little family isn't perfect but it is perfect for them. I am so thankful that Taylor has a little sister like Trinity, who already believes in family and knows how important it is. Taylor is the best big sister in the world and loves Trinity with all her heart. I know without a shadow of doubt that Taylor would have fished all day to find a little family like ours for her baby sister. We are proud and very thankful to be the parents of these sweet little girls!

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