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Sweetheart Queen
Sweetheart Queen

Hope is an 8th grader at Sixth Ward Middle School. She attends classes with regular education students as well as special education students. This is Hope's 3rd year in the middle school and she will be attending high school next year. It has been a fulfilling 3 years for all of us, but mostly for Hope and her fellow peers. When she attended her first dance, she acted roughly and caused many students to steer away from her, but through time and patience, her fellow students learned from Hope while she learned from them. In January 2010, Hope was nominated to the school's 2010 Sweetheart Court by the school administration. There were 10 boys and 10 girls nominated for this honor. The final selection was made by the student body as they entered the dance. On Saturday, February 27, 2010, in front the students and family members, we watched (and cried) as Hope was crowned Sixth Ward Middle School 2010 Sweetheart Queen. This is a great accomplishment for not only Hope, but for the school she attends. The students love Hope as much as she loves them. When we heard about her nomination, we were elated! We chose to view it as her, more than likely, only special moment in her school life. Let's face it, how many dances will she really attend? Will she be in a place where we, her parents will feel comfortable to let her loose? These are many of the thoughts we pondered, so we went all out! Hope loves Disney and princesses, so we bought her a "Hope dress." It may not have been what the teens are wearing today, but she loved it. We had the manicure and pedicure so she could show off her "high heels" as well as some "bling-bling!" The hairdo was a Hope request too. She looked beautiful! As she walked into the gym, many of the adults became misty eyed, while her peers gave compliments asked for pictures with her. Hope was no longer the girl she was 3 years ago, she was poised, attentive, and a person with many friends. The high school better watch out, Hope is coming and she is bringing her fan club. So, perhaps there will be other dances and "Wow!" moments in her school future. But it really doesn't matter; she is our "Wow!" moment every minute of every day!

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