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Ryan's Great Story
Ryan's Great Story

My name is Ryan. I was born with club feet and Down syndrome. I am a good Christian. I am a fan of all Chicago sports, and also ISU redbird games. I love my family and friends. I love emailing them. I like to tell jokes, be on computers, play video games, and do many other things. I use to go to the BHS and I graduated in 1997. I am currently taking classes at Halo, at the Heartland Community College, and go to the ISU Readers, where I do many different activities. At ISU Readers, I have learned about writing a story, math, the computer, and sending emails, speech, and reading. We have class at the Milner Library on Illinois State campus. We have been on the Buddy Walk' fundraiser for CIDSO and have other fun events. My favorite thing is the tutors and other participants. ISU Readers is fun. You got to love the Redbirds! Go ISU Go!!! I like being a part of ISU Readers and I would like to go to any ISU sport team games like basketball, softball, hockey, and football. I love being a part of the Redbird family. I love the Heartland Hawks. I've been reading and writing plus doing math. I love being a Hawk fan and going to games. I love being a college student. I like my classmates and I have an ID card. I want to learn about science. I go to Heartland Monday through Thursday. I'm there for 2 years. I can't wait until the new baseball stadium is built. It will be the home of your CornBelters and your Heartland HAWKS. Well it is nice to meet you and thank you for reading my story about my life. God bless. Farewell.

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