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Quest for Kindergarten
Jason Proudly Dons His Cap and Gown (Hawaii, June 5, 2009)
Jason Proudly Dons His Cap and Gown (Hawaii, June 5, 2009)
Quest for Kindergarten

Last fall, our local news media described our quest to find a regular kindergarten for our son Jason. At the age of 7, Jason was considered by the public school to be too old to enter a regular kindergarten classroom and instead to be in need of a special education program, separated from "typically-developing" children. On June 5, Wendell (Jason's dad) and I had the pleasure of watching Jason receive his kindergarten diploma at his new school, Hawaii Technology Academy. HTA is a public charter school, which means we choose to go to this school instead of the home-district school based on where we live. Jason now attends regular first grade classes, which are designed to be small. He is making friends at HTA's Learning Center for partial days during the week. He also learns at home with me, his learning coach, while reading and using interactive lessons online and with DVDs repeatedly, hence the "Technology" in the name of his favorite new school. Like many other children with Down syndrome, Jason shares a similar learning profile, including learning through repetition with a slower rate of progress. He is highly responsive to music and benefits from small "regular" classes and breaks. I believe this school fits Jason and our family to a "T". Thank you, My Great Story, for sharing our success story.

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Jennifer Van Blair, United States, CA
07/13/2012 00:23:11
Wonderful for you and your family. As a teacher, I want to learn more about how to include students with Ds into the classroom and meet their needs, that way I won't shy away from the opportunity. Thank you for sharing about how Jason learns best.

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