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Let Me Be Me - Rock My Extra Chromosome
Let Me Be Me - Rock My Extra Chromosome

Hi! I am Angela Haddad I am a 20-year-old lady with Down syndrome. My mom told me when I could understand. She wanted me to know how to talk to people that didn’t understand. I know I have an extra chromosome. When people stare at me and think I look different, I say that I have Down syndrome. I’m not stupid. I live life and enjoy my friends without disabilities and my friends with disabilities. I went to school most of my life without being in special ed. I don’t like being only in special ed.  I like all my classes that have regular students. I am more regular than different. Give me a chance for life for a job and to be just a person. I love my life.  

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Angela Horvath, United States, IL
10/28/2013 7:59:53 PM
Hi Angela! My name is Angela too and I have a 16 year old son with Down Syndrome and I agree - you guys all rock your extra chromosome! You keep on being you and let the world learn from your amazing strengths and gifts. My son too loves ALL people - of ALL abilities and teaches people every day what gifts are found on the chromosome #21 (love, understanding, forgiveness and I'm pretty sure love of music) Rock ON!

Mayra Martinez, United States, NC
10/10/2012 12:11:32 PM
Hi! My name is Mayra; and i am doing a Presentation on down syndrome. I choose your story so i could gather some information. I am also planning on promoting the Buddy walk! i live far away, but if it's possible i'd love to join the event. I'd love to ask you if you can record a video of you talking, telling us your story, so i can post on my presentation. Please don't feel like it's obligatory, it's only something new ! It can help me & you promote the buddy walk. Other than that ; You inspired me, i know now that i can do many stuff no matter what and there's always a reason why to keep smiling to the world, you're rocking your extra chromosome.

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