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Grace's School is Cool!
Never underestimate me... or others!
Never underestimate me... or others!
Grace's School is Cool!

Each day I drop off Grace in front of her junior high school. I watch as she slowly makes her way through the throngs of students milling about the entrance. And, each day I brace myself for the possibility of her being teased, bullied, looked at with disdain, etc. Always expecting the worst. When will I ever learn? Today, I saw a group of boys looking all at Grace as she approached. But when she got there, do you know what happened? They excitedly exclaimed, "Grace!" "Hey, Grace!" and all gave her 'knucks' and high fives. Yeah, I cried...

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Katy, United States, MI
10/1/2013 1:06:51 PM
Have faith, there are good kids out there!

Robyn Schwecke, United States, ND
9/24/2013 9:21:33 AM
You go girl!

Dulci Jensen, United States, CO
9/12/2013 10:38:33 PM
Amazing kids, amazing parents. Setting the bar high for all !

Wanda Rogers, United States, MT
9/12/2013 8:51:50 PM

Wanda Rogers, United States, MT
9/12/2013 8:49:44 PM

Robin Volk, United States, ND
9/12/2013 5:20:49 PM
This touched my heart and made me smile... wish every school was a cool school.

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