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Easton's Way
Easton's Way

I am an angel in disguise sent here to teach you. I do not see bad, only good. I do not feel hate, only love. I will only learn these things if you teach them to me, as this is my nature. Don’t look at me like I am different. Don’t look at me or my family and feel sad. When you see me, see a person who can do anything. I can learn like you. I can go to college like you. I can drive and get married like you. I can be whatever I want with the love and support of all of those around me. I never judge, because I don’t know how. And when you hurt my feelings, I am sad and don’t understand why. I am always happy and want to show my love, but I can’t because that is not the way society thinks it should be. I have to ask for a hug. I have to learn how to fit in because you look at me and don’t accept me for who I am. So every day I have to be taught how to behave the way you expect me to. Why is it that I am the one who has to change to fit in and not you? Why is it that when I do something wrong, you judge me but your child just showed me the way? I could teach you how to be happy if you let me, but instead all you see is my disability, not my ability. I hope you will follow me through my life long journey, as you will all see I will succeed even without your support. There are so many people that do not understand. Some people have even said to my mom, back in the day these kids were in their own classroom, not mixed with our children. What makes your child any different? How in this time could someone say, why would we spend money for me to learn? Please tell me what makes your child so special that it is better to spend the money on your tuition than mine? Why is it that we need 100 voices to stand up to hear us and not just one? I will make a difference; I will stand up and be noticed. I have the love and support of my family and friends to show me the way. One day I hope you will see. Written by my mom, Robyn Malin, with love.

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