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Dream House
Kate with her 16 year old daughter Martha
Kate with her 16 year old daughter Martha
Dream House

Dream home is an idea started almost 6 years ago in Gdynia, Poland. Apparently it would seem impossible to accomplish, but in small steps the founder seeks to target. Why such an idea? Just a few years ago she understood that the child's independence is important both for himself and parents alike. This created an association, bringing together children and youth with intellectual disabilities, and its aim is to create space - building a house that protects their independent future. The road to this house is still long, but now its future inhabitants integrate with each other and learn to self-reliance through the activity of the association. Idea House of Dreams is based on the long process of merging a group just like a family. A common therapy, activities and entertainment are building a strong bond that is very much needed, to residents of the Dream House were happy in there. The aim is to achieve greater acceptance of "otherness" in outside world - people are afraid of disability. Implementation of this was taken by the work on raising self-esteem of young people with disabilities and depressurized environment with disabilities, who are afraid of new friendships, not knowing how others react to them. This work was designed to change thinking about themselves, to stop feeling worse and uglier. To achieve this were organized meetings / workshops for people with disabilities to awake the need to care about their appearance and thus self-esteem. Raise awareness of parents and caregivers how important it is applying weight to right clothes, hairstyles, taking care of teeth and hygiene. These simple and basic things to work on them, are designed to change the negative stereotype image of a disabled person. ------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a link to a story in form of a photoblog. There are pictures of the children during their activities and more information about this great project:

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Ingrid Stephan, United States, CA
10/16/2011 11:47:19 AM
thank you for your work !

Ulla Kaczmarek, Poland,
12/4/2012 7:01:44 PM
Here is a link to photo blog, it is easier to copy ;) http:www.myfinepix.plplblog300727242425

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