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About High School
About High School

My name is Patrick and I go to St. Pete-Marian High School. I went to Jr. High School there too. I love it there. I feel part of everything at school. My favorite part are the dances, I went to the Winter Ball this year! All my friends went and I met new friends too. I danced all night. The kids in my classes are smart and fun. We work hard but laugh a lot. The teachers are nice too and they all help the kids. At St. Peter-Marian we have lots of fun days. On Halloween I was Indiana Jones. We have pep rallies and dodge ball nights. Sometimes we have Karaoke at lunch. Some friends from school came to my house for my birthday party which was a luau, a Hawaii party. It was crazy with tons of great people. I did a great job and was a member of the National Junior Honor Society because I got A's. Getting good grades very important to me. I work hard at school and at home doing my homework. I use the computer a lot and my favorite subject in school is Intro to MAC. I also take Geometry, History, English Literature, Biology 2, and Religion. For Two years I have been on the Cross Country team. I practice with them every day and this year I competed in my first meet. I like to run. I love theater and have been in many productions. At St. Peter-Marian I have been in three shows so far, Dear Edwina, Godspell and the Sound of Music. Now we have started practicing for a new show called, "All Shook Up" like the Elvis song. My favorite song is Jailhouse Rock! I have been a member of the student council and like planning all of the events at school I had to give a speech to get elected. This is my first year on the SPM Bowling Team, and I love it! Outside of school it is fun playing Special Olympics! I am on Gymnastics, Basketball and Golf teams. My sisters and cousins also participate. I have lots of friends through Special Olympics. AIM stands for Advocates in Motion. It is a group from the Mass Down Syndrome Congress and we meet every month. We do amazing things, like Outdoor Adventure and sailing and holiday dances. I have lots of friends outside of school too. We get together with families on the weekends. We ski, and do karaoke and just hang out. My family is Kailyn, Lizzy Kate and Tom and my dog Rhody. Lizzy and Kailyn are nice and we get along great. Lizzy is going to college next year and I am proud of her. It is also fun having a little sister like Kailyn. Thank you for letting me tell you about High School and my life.

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