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Education This section of My Great Story contains stories about education, learning and development.
Julia and Cody
Julia Hock and Cody Carlson, Elk Grove, CA

"My Son John" - Destined To Be
Marla Tretta-Zachary, Mesa, AZ

Kaety's Big Day
Kelly Spivey, Mt. Pleasant, SC

A Silent Dream Comes True!
Brandon Gruber, Santa Cruz, CA

Anything Can Be
Beth Foraker, Davis, CA

Her Name Means Bright, Shining Star...And That Is What She Is!
Debra Piantadosi, Riverside, CA

Letting Go
Laurie Leonard, Highland, MI

Adult Dance Class
Christophe Chateau, St Helier, Jersey, UK, OR

How I Feel About the R Word and Others
Olivia Brosseau, Glover , VT

Educational Equality
Rebecca Nagel , Broomall , PA

Janelle Gage, Litchfield Park, AZ

My Daughter, Sara
Marcia Rietmann, Sisters, OR

Grace's School is Cool!
Paula Burckhard, Minot, ND

Breanna's Dream
Ashley Zwieg, Hickman, KY

Easton's Way
Robyn Malin, Milford, CT

Final Seven Minutes
Tim Gruber, Santa Cruz, CA

Oh Yes She Can
Kimberly Templeton, Roanoke, VA

Jamie is Inducted into the National Honor Society
Lisa Roland, West Hartford, CT

My Day at Daycare
Chris Steele, Tampa, FL

Jack Teaches the Speech Therapists
Jack Piscitell, Weston, CT

Kernels of Inclusion
Kara Jones, West Fargo, ND

A Young Man with Down Syndrome Finds Religion
Romy Wyllie, Pasadena, CA

Karanja the Great!
Kyle Lindenberger, Church Hill, MD

The Key to Knowledge
Becca Koziol, Burton, OH

Inclusion for Gabby
Leonard and Johnna Caplan, Oakdale, CA

Fighting for Taylor: A Mother & Child's Journey of Inclusion
Kimberly Moore, Burlington, VT

Homecoming Queen 2012
Jessica Neves, Rotan, TX

Graduation Day
Patrick Cooney, Fairview Park, OH

Let Me Be Me - Rock My Extra Chromosome
Angela Haddad, Highland, MI

I'll Be Waiting
Melissa Lafaire, Laredo, TX

A Mother's Determination
Shannon Geary, Lacey, WA

Class of 2013: Our Future
Diane Fingers, St Peters, MO

My Amazing Daughter!
Tina Holcomb, Franklin, GA

Classrooms and the Pool
Paul Kane, Decatur, IL

West Teays Elementary Makes A Difference For World Down Syndrome Day
Steve Slack, Hurricane, WV

Awareness & Advocacy for Anders
Kara Jones, West Fargo, North Dakota

How WDRB Celebrated 3-21
Nate Adkins, New Albany, Indiana

Deficiency Becomes Art for Artist
J. E. de Ancerg, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Colleen Bailey, Gladewater, TX

Kayla's School Quest
Margarita Rosado, Bronx, NY

Quest for Kindergarten
Linda Elento, Kaneohe, HI

Trista is Five
Kristin Barrett, Shalimar, FL

Ryan's Great Story
Ryan Alexander, Bloomington, IL

Yes I Can
Jon Derr, Cape Cod, MA

My Special Brother
Kristen Behrens, Glastonbury, CT

Sweetheart Queen
Annette Dempster, Thibodaux, LA

Going to College
Kathleen Peden, Bloomington, IL

More to Give
Candy Ridgeway, Decatur, IL

My Buddy Ryan
Lori Stiles, Martinsburg, WV

Just One of the Guys
Lauren Mullen, Hilton Head Island, SC

Dare to Dream
Kimberly Scarduzio, Vassalboro, ME

Living with Down Syndrome
Ashley Wahl, Snohomish, WA

Truly Grateful
Shunni Logan, Philadelphia, PA

On The Bus
Amy Armstrong, Champaign, IL

Room 103
Kirsten Dressel, Tampa, FL

Valerie Mazzu
Michelle Gonzalez, Staten Island, NY

Homecoming King
William Winters, Madison Heights, MI

My Inspirations
Caroline Coker, Atlanta, GA

The Ambassador
Brett Battles, Los Angeles, CA

About Special Moms
Linda Miyahira, Simi Valley, CA

Sign of the Times
Beth Hardinger, Brainerd, MN

A Green Light to Driving
Taffy & Jeff Nothnagle, Cohasset, MA

About High School
Patrick Myshrall, Worcester, MA

Stepping Up to the Challenge
Krishna Murthy, Saratoga, CA

One Sibling's Act Leads to Change
Nadine Briggs, Westford, MA

Cause for Celebration
Nick and Renee Vekiarides, Natick, MA

Dream House
Ulla Kaczmarek, Gdynia, Poland

All I Really Need to Know I Learned From a Kindergartner
Jennifer Rowland, Carlisle, MA

Making Movies
Brooke May, Savannah, GA

It's Okay to be Different read by Cody Gates
Judy Gates, Peoria, AZ

Jen and Her Shoes
Annette Mauro, Pelham Manor, NY

My Graduate
Christine Baker, Houston, DE

Homecoming Queen from Rio Rico High School
Irma Robles, Rio Rico, AZ

Rachel Efrosman, Staten Island, NY

Blue and Yellow Popcorn!
Maria Neumann, Pocatello, ID

Perspective from Fourth Grade
Renita Maassen, Sioux Center, IA

Chloe meets Pittsburgh Bishop David Zubick
Kurt Kondrich, Upper St. Clair, PA

Inclusion Works
Nikki Papoulides, Canton, OH

Craig's World
Craig Blackburn, Metairie, LA

First Grader, Lauren Borenstein
Eileen Borenstein, Oreland, PA

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