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To My Mom with Love...
Me and My Mom and Dad at the NDSS Gala
Me and My Mom and Dad at the NDSS Gala
To My Mom with Love...

I would like to wish all of you moms a "Happy Mother’s Day" on 5-13-12. I would like to talk about a wonderful person whom I was raised by, my mom, Marian Burke – since I am her baby, and I always will be. My favorite three words to say to her are "I love you." It's great to be your son. We really do have a lot of great times together - through my early childhood days until my adulthood. We have had good times and bad times, which is very true, but she has always been there for me a lot. But not just for me, for my dad (her husband Frank), and she's dedicated to her children, Ellen, Anne, J.R. and, of course, me. 

My mom's favorite TV shows are Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and Dancing with the Stars. And her real favorite is to watch me in "Life Goes On." She loves to read her books that she really likes very much. My mom always loved Point Lookout, New York, which is out in Long Island. She originally lived in the Bronx through her childhood days, and didn't like wild animals – my mom has always been a city girl. She loves Manhattan, where she lives with my dad and me. She used to work for the George Little Management and now is a retired trade show manager. 

As I am dedicating a tribute to my mom, Mother's Day really means a lot to me because she's a Wonderwoman. She's a woman who does a lot of wonders for all of us. This is a Mother's Day gift from Frank, Ellen,  Anne, J.R. and me, Chris. Thank you for all you do for us. We will always love you so much with our hearts. I love my mom very much, and I really mean it – every single word. She is the most beautiful girl in the world and I will always cherish her. She decorated my life. It's great to have you as my mom. From your darling Chris – Happy Mother's Day. With all my love – this is your gift of love.

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Damian Ellis, United States, IL
5/1/2014 8:55:46 PM
That Is A Feel Good Story For Everybody thank you chris bruke damian ellis

Princy, India,
3/13/2013 3:19:29 AM
I am too a mom of Down syndrome baby boy. Your story has impressed me and I too want to be a great mom to my child with need.

KATHY A. ZIGMOND, United States, TX
1/12/2013 9:30:51 PM
i really like your story Chris.

Rochelle Reed, United States, CA
08/06/2012 21:09:16
Hi Chris! I loved your story! I can tell how special your Mom is and how much she loves you and your Dad and your Brothers and Sisters! I also want to tell you that I have been a fan of your"s for a very long time! I remember the first time I saw you play "Corky" on Life Goes On and I was so amazed and proud of you! My little Great Nephew Zeke has DS and I hope that he can grow up to be as amazing and full of love for his Mom as you are! Thank you for sharing your story!

DIANE SCHMIDT, United States, HI
07/26/2012 01:14:57

KATHY A. ZIGMOND, United States, TX
05/14/2012 22:51:23
i really like this story, it very touching.& inspirational.

Kathleen Haikes, United States, PA
05/14/2012 09:47:07
This is just beautiful. I had the honor of meeting Chris at our Easter Eggstravaganza for Matthew's Mission~ here in Scranton, PA. Our family certainly enjoyed our time with Chris~ he is a mother can tell Chris was raised by such wonderful, caring people. You can see the love in his eyes when he talks of his Mother, Father & Family~ you can be very proud. xo

KATHY A. ZIGMOND, United States, TX
05/06/2012 23:01:00
Chris, i really like your story that you wrote about your mom, i feel the same way about my mom, she has helped me through my whole childhood, and even through my adulthood too. kathy

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