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How My Dad Helped Me To Become the Man I am Today
Chris Holding the NDSS Honors the Burke Family Picture
Chris Holding the NDSS Honors the Burke Family Picture
How My Dad Helped Me To Become the Man I am Today

I have learned everything- a lot- from my dad. His name is Frank Burke. He has raised me since I was little. We had the best of times together. We always did. In good times and in bad times. But he is the best father to my sisters, Ellen and Anne, my brother, J.R., and me. We like to go to the beach and swim with him. His favorite football team is the New York Jets and his favorite baseball team is the New York Mets. All of us sit together and my dad tells us what is happening in each game. He always loves to watch sports. He always did, ever since his ultimate favorite the Brooklyn Dodgers were around. And he always loved Jackie Robinson. Plus, he likes to fish and to take us out on boat rides. And he's the best chef. He cooks sauteed, grilled and fried fish, and loves to eat lobster all the time. He likes to tease us about what he likes to eat- fried eels and calf's liver. To our dad: Happy Father's Day! Ellen, Anne, J.R. and Chris

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Niki Kiser, United States, OH
5/27/2011 9:48:04 AM
I love this story about Chris Burke and his family and his dad Frank Burke its very touching story . Its very beautiful family

Kara Corridan, United States, NJ
8/24/2011 2:05:23 PM
Chris, this is such a nice tribute to Papa! You capture him well.

Anne Corridan, United States, VA
8/24/2011 2:47:22 PM
Chris - you did a great job telling everyone how great a dad we have. Love you, Anne

Ellen Orlando, United States, VA
8/25/2011 10:21:32 AM
Great job, Christopher!!

meghan kern, United States, GA
9/13/2011 2:03:18 PM
I met him in 4th grade!

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