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A Memorable Event
A Memorable Event

On August 1, 2010, my 48-year-old brother attended the annual Albert Pujols Foundation Father Son Bowling event in St. Louis. Usually, my husband, Stan, accompanies Peter to this annual event. We called it the Albert Pujols Foundation Favorite Brother-In-Law Son Bowling event at our house. However, this year, my husband has had repeated stays in the hospital regarding his heart and was unable to attend. Peter does not like to miss social occasions where there is bowling, pizza, and friends, so I asked Peter's art therapist, Bill, to stand in Stan's stead. Bill said he would gladly participate in the bowling event with Peter on one condition. He said that since he is younger than Peter, he wanted to be Peter's son. So, Peter agreed that he would be Bill's father. Peter bowled "ok" and Bill bowled "very well", according to Peter. They ate delicious pizza and had brownies and cookies for dessert and had their picture taken with the St. Louis Cardinal #5! Usually, Albert wanders around the party, posing for photographs with participants. However, during the August 1, 2010 game, a foul ball bounced off of his foot and he was restricted to a chair and everyone visited him for their photo opportunity. In the picture can you discern who was just injured?

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Michael dodge , Qatar,
5/5/2014 3:07:39 AM
great story

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