The leading human rights organization for all individuals with Down syndrome.

National Down Syndrome Society
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Celebrity This section of My Great Story reveals stories from and about celebrities who have helped raise awareness for people with Down syndrome.
BRITTANY CORDER, Chicagoland's First Prom Queen with Down Syndrome
Nancy Corder, Bartlett, IL

My Great Story - Christopher Yancy
Brenda Page, Woodstocj, GA

Colby Makes a Difference
Tom Baker, Roseburg, OR

I want to see you be BRAVE!
Carissa Carroll, St. Paul, MN

High Expectations
Sara Koyano, Cottage Grove, OR

Ava Skye wins title of Miss "Lil Rising Star" Connecticut 2014
James Perrella, Milford, CT

Debbie Horn, Olathe, KS

Blake: My Little Maven
Lisa Graystone, Cambria, CA

My Dreams Came True: My Story of My First Film Role in Any Day Now
Isaac Leyva, Los Angeles, CA

Valentina the Model
Cecilia Elizalde, Miami, FL

"Yo Special K" Transcends Down Syndrome to Become a Hip-Hop Recording Artist
Renzo Charlez, Louisville, KY

To My Mom with Love...
Chris Burke, New York, NY

My Great Story
Meredith Vieira, New York, NY

Signing With Sandi
Colleen Bailey, Gladewater, TX

Amazing Annie
John Clancy, Fairfield, CT

My Aunt Ellen
Nancy O'Dell, Los Angeles, CA

Born to Entertain
Cindy Stodden, Omaha, NE

Chloe Reads to the Governor of PA
Kurt Kondrich, Upper St. Clair, PA

The Mayor of Main Street
Betsy Goodwin, Greenwich, CT

Chloe and Andy
Kurt Kondrich, Upper St. Clair, PA

Great Expectations
Chris Burke, New York, NY

The Performer
Houston Vandergriff, Powell, TN

A Memorable Event
Pat Ciapciak, St. Louis, MO

How My Dad Helped Me To Become the Man I am Today
Chris Burke, New York, NY

Monica & David
Ali Codina, Miami, FL

Chloe meets Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers and goes onto the floor of the House
Kurt Kondrich, Upper St. Clair, PA

A Smile as Big as the Moon
Jeannine Cleary, Glencoe, IL

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