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What The Buddy Walk® Is All About
What The Buddy Walk® Is All About

Buddy Walks are held yearly around our country and the world to promote acceptance and awareness of individuals with Down syndrome. Every year, our group's event has more participants- whether with Down syndrome or not. Everyone comes out and enjoys a free fun day where our children with an extra chromosome are included fully in every activity. Our group's goal is for participants to walk away from the event realizing that individuals with Down syndrome really are more alike than different. During our group's event in 2009, I had the chance to talk with a Girl Scout leader of a 7th grade troop that has been helping at the Buddy Walk® for 4 years now. I originally went to one of their meetings to explain about Down syndrome the first year that they helped with our event. The troop recently became certified in babysitting through our local hospital so they can babysit for troop trip funding, etc. The leader told me that she invited one of our families to come and talk to the group about how childcare for a child with special needs might be different than childcare for an average child. The leader said before the 'talk,' she heard the girls saying that most of them wouldn't know what to do if they received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome- most said probably adoption. Then our family came and discussed their son and brought him along for the talk. After the presentation, the leader said that she heard all the girls saying that Down syndrome wasn't really that big of a deal and that they would raise their child if he/she happened to have Down syndrome. It brought tears to my eyes on an already emotion-filled day. This is why we do the Buddy Walk® and everything else we do- to raise awareness and acceptance of all individuals with an extra chromosome. And we're getting it done in our little part of the world- maybe one person at a time, but views are changing and I couldn't be happier.

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