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My Precious Gift
My Precious Gift

This is my great story about rediscovering life and the power of love. My son Ariel Mois's was diagnosed with Down syndrome even before he was born almost eight years ago. Being a single mom has not been easy at all but I have been learning and exploring all aspects of Down syndrome with the help and inspiration of many who have been there before us. Unfortunately, we live in Panama City, Panama, Central America, where being a person with a disability is almost a curse but I am always looking ahead, at people in places like the United States and Spain where you have conquered so much for our children. You are my north and my model. On the other hand, God chose me to be Ariel Mois's mother so I have been very active in educating others about his condition and making great effort to make people understand he is just another boy with different abilities who needs more help than the average kid. I also promote the rights for people with disabilities and do not settle for less. We have also been blessed with wonderful friends, doctors and family who help us keep focused, obtain new achievements and set new goals. Ariel Mois's is a handsome boy who is very loving but also very determined and strong willed. In 2006, when my son was 4, I found out about the Buddy Walk® so I decided to enter the photo contest for the Times Square video. To our great surprise two of the three photos sent were selected, one for the video and another for the new NDSS website. Ariel and I could not afford the trip to New York but my supervisor convinced me to send a letter to the first lady of Panama and her office paid for our trip to the Big Apple. Ariel was the first Panamanian to participate in the contest and to appear in the video so we packed and flew to NYC where I was invited to deliver a short speech just before the Buddy Walk® at Central Park. It was an extraordinary experience, to see all those families participate in the walk in support of their children and relatives. What a tremendous and powerful opportunity we had that day! Time passed and I did not participate in the photo contest until this year and it happened again! Ariel's photo was selected for the Times Square video! I am so proud of my boy and although we cannot afford to make it this year, I still feel we are contributing to the cause from our little spot on planet Earth. I also have a dream, like Dr. King said that our children are treated with equal respect and opportunities in my country. In the meantime, I will continue educating our society and enjoying the life and love of my precious gift from heaven.

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