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My Brother
Ready for the Albert Pujols Prom
Ready for the Albert Pujols Prom
My Brother

My brother is Peter Moisio. He is 47 years old and currently lives with my husband and myself. Peter's plan is to live on my own by the year 2010. Peter lived with Mom for most of his life. Mom is 92 years old and lives with one of our brothers. Dad died in 1986, when Peter was 24. Peter talks as if he will enjoy living on my own, perhaps with a room-mate. He is learning about taking care of himself (called "independence") from his music therapist, art therapist, occupational therapist, tutor, tap teacher, and organizations such as the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis and St. Louis Arc. Peter's art therapist and tutor accompanied him on a business appointment with Jeff Pomranka and Linda Orso at the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis (DSAGSL) office about two years ago. Peter introduced himself and his art. Linda and Jeff asked Pete to re-do their DSAGSL logo. Peter did as they requested and returned to show them his art. They liked it! They told Peter he could have a booth at their annual DSAGSL conference and sell his art, which he puts on greeting cards. Peter says he feels "proud" of his art, and loves welcoming people to his card shop. Peter's Card Shop sets up booths at different events throughout the St. Louis area. If you would like to know more about his card shop, Peter's email address is [email protected] In addition to work with private therapists and the encouragement of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis, Peter is also learning about independence from the St. Louis Arc. He participates in leisure activities (such as bowling, basketball, soccer, dances, and dinners) and volunteer work. Peter works one of three volunteer jobs "on my own, without his job coach. He recently created an acrylic art painting for a St. Louis Arc golf fundraiser. Peter donated an art piece, and raised some money for the St. Louis Arc because someone decided to bid on his artwork! Last Christmas time, Peter was on television. The reporter and a camera man came to the house and interviewed Peter, his art therapist, and me because they knew about Peter's art from the St. Louis Arc. Peter appeared to be relaxed during the interview. He seemed comfortable being filmed with a very large camera right beside him. Here is the link to the interview: Yesterday, Peter found out that a photo of him will be part of the NDSS Times Square Video. The picture was taken of Pete by his brother-in-law (my husband) before Pete attended the Albert Pujols Family Foundation annual prom. He was all smiles because he was dressed in his tuxedo and ready to meet his friends and his date for the dance. Pete absolutely loves dancing with his friends. As a matter of fact, day before yesterday, he attended another Albert Pujols event, which was a bowling evening for fathers and sons. Peter invited my husband and had his picture taken with Albert Pujols. Thank you for choosing Pete's picture. He has many reasons to be smiling these days.

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