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Her Beautiful Smile
Her 1st Bday Pictures
Her 1st Bday Pictures
Her Beautiful Smile

If I could tell you one thing about Nevaeh, it would be the way she brightens the world with just one smile. Nevaeh is our 16 month old daughter, she is the love of our life. When she was born and we found out she had Down syndrome, we weren't so much scared as we were unfamiliar. When she came out of the hospital we made sure we started getting involved in the "Down syndrome community." Our first event was the Boardwalk Buddy Walk® 2009. It was the most amazingly heart warming moment for us. We walked up to get our shirts for the walk and we met Dennis. He got up gave us hugs and made us feel like this group of people whom we had never met before had been our family for years. That day at the walk, it made me want to reach out and inform people about Down syndrome and show them what an amazing experience it is to have a relationship with these people and these families. I remember telling Dennis how truly blessed we were to have such a beautiful daughter with Down syndrome. I can't help but think that she will teach me so much more than I will ever be able to teach her. She is so pure and sweet, and I thank god everyday that he blessed me with this beautiful girl with this beautiful smile. I know that whenever things get hard in life, no matter what the situation, if she smiles it brightens my whole world. What more can a mother ask for?

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