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Ethan's Entourage
Ethan on his first day first grade.
Ethan on his first day first grade.
Ethan's Entourage

I am a mother of a 6 year old boy named Ethan who has Down syndrome. When he was born we did not know he had Down syndrome until a few hours after he was delivered the doctors came in and told me; my response was "special babies were born to special people." He puts a smile on everyone's face that he meets. He brings out the good in people and inspires me to be a better person and mother to him. Life can be challenging at times but it only makes us stronger. He is a funny, animated, charismatic, enthusiastic little boy! I feel Ethan was sent to me for a reason, he changed my life for the better and he has touched all of our families and friends lives as well. We just had our Buddy Walk® in Pennsylvania on Sunday. The only way to describe this day is AMAZING! The group that came out to support my son and my family was almost 200 people! Words cannot even describe the feeling I have that so many people were gathered there for Ethan. To know, that almost 200 people were there for my son is a blessing. I could not be any happier with the outcome of the day. The support we have for Ethan from family and friends is overwhelming. I am so thankful to everyone that took time out of their day to spend it supporting Down syndrome. The meaning of the word Buddy Walk® to me means togetherness. Everyone there that day was there because of their special buddy whether it was Ethan or another person who has Down syndrome. I want to thank the Buddy Walk® for having such a wonderful event where we can all go out and support our loved ones. All in all, I am very lucky to have been blessed with a child with Down syndrome and I would never change that for the world. He is destined to do great things and I will be right next to his side the whole way!

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Linda Harms, United States, PA
10/20/2011 11:42:32 AM
Erica, your response to the Drs news was perfect! Special Babies are born to Special People! Your family is an inspiration to others and it is good for couples following in your footsteps to see that the journey is so worthwhile! God Bless You ETHAN

Agnes Maloney, United States, PA
10/20/2011 11:31:43 AM
Hi Ethan, I work with your Aunt Kim and she is amazing, just like you!

Henry R. Bickel IV, United States, PA
10/20/2011 10:43:25 AM
Hi Ethan, Your Great Aunt Kim is a good friend of mine and has spoken of the walks. Your enthusiasm is incredible and an inspiration to the rest of us. Best Wishes, Bob Bickel

Frank Grillo, United States, PA
10/20/2011 10:41:28 AM
I wish Ethan and his family the best of luck

Julie Matte, United States, NJ
10/20/2011 9:22:46 AM
Hi Ethan! I work with your Great Aunt Kim and she has told me lots of wonderful stories about your Buddy Walk! Congratulations on such a fantastic turn out and being able to dance the whole way through it! Julie

Cheryl Yeager, United States, PA
10/19/2011 10:10:32 PM
Ethan is my grandson and I am so very proud of him!! He is loving, caring and kind. He has taught me to stop and smell the roses!! He has changed the way I look at life. My daughter Erica and her husband Matt have done an incredible job with Ethan and his

Wendy Stevens, United States, PA
10/19/2011 9:19:14 AM
I'm a friend of Great Aunt Kim's. All I can say is that your family is truly an inspiraton!

Colleen Eshelman, United States, PA
10/19/2011 6:15:47 AM
I'm voting for the best little boy Ethan!

Tony Zaretski, United States, PA
10/19/2011 1:56:13 AM
Ethan is a Great Kid! Matt and Erica you are doing a great job!

Barb Zaretski, United States, PA
10/19/2011 1:50:54 AM
I'm the mom of one of Matt and Erica\'s best friends. When Ethan was born I wondered how these two young kids are going to take care of this beautiful child with special needs. Matt and Erica grew up fast. They work with him and encourage him everyday.

Aunt Kim, United States, PA
10/18/2011 10:19:04 PM
Ethan, Matt, Erica and Emma, we love you all. You are an inspiration to all of us and I know that you will remain that way forever. Love you all.

Paul Mehall, United States, PA
10/18/2011 9:25:26 PM
The joys that Ethan brings to all the people he gets in contact with is just one of the things that make him such a Great kid. He is a very smart child who also teaches us to be silly and forget who we are when your around him. What a wonderful gfit we have

Brendalee Phillips, United States, PA
10/18/2011 7:30:46 PM
Ethan is just plain AWESOME. He is loving and fun and a joy to everyone that knows him. I'm thrilled and proud to say I'm part of his family. He has the most loving Mom, Dad, and sister. They are God's gift to each other and to us.

Alexis Yeager , United States, PA
10/18/2011 2:39:31 PM
I am si proud to have Ethan as my cousin! I live him so much and I can honestly say he puts a smile in my face everything I see him<3 I just want to conplement Erica for being such a great mother to ethan! I live you guys so much

Molly Stevens, United States, PA
10/18/2011 12:20:55 PM
truly a blessing <3

Heather Lewis, United States, ME
10/18/2011 12:08:08 PM
you have a very handsome little boy.

Jackie Stevens, United States, PA
10/18/2011 9:14:37 AM
What a sweet little boy!!!

George Marcinkevich, United States, PA
10/17/2011 10:39:37 PM
Ethan is the most AMAZING little man I know, his mother Erica and father Matt have been my best friends for many years. Ethan has made such a difference in all of our lives due to him being such an awesome kid. He has taught all of us so much, made all

Donna Marie Smiecisnki, United States, MI
10/17/2011 9:26:36 PM
Ethan certainly was born into the right family. A family full of a lot of love. Ethan is a very special little guy!!! I am so proud of Erica, the way she stepped right into the role of a wonderful, caring, selfless mother at such a young age.

Mary Ann McCormick, United States, PA
10/17/2011 8:59:14 PM
Ethan is my grandson he is truly an amazing little boy. The unconditional love he shows to all is unsurpassed by anything else life has to offer. Ethan has accomplished all he has because of his amazing, loving parents Matt and Erica, his love for his lit

Mimi Palmere, United States, PA
10/17/2011 8:41:28 PM
Ethan was certainly born into the right family. His entire family has supported him from the time he was an infant. Ethan has such a great personality and will go far with all the love and support he gets from his family and friends.

Erin Mordan, United States, PA
10/17/2011 7:58:42 PM
Ethan is my nephew and is the happiest kid I know, erica said it correctly when she said he puts a smile on everyone's face he meets I LOVE HIM so much

Anne Haddix, United States, PA
10/17/2011 4:48:52 PM
Ethan is my nephew and is the happiest kid I know, erica said it correctly when she said he puts a smile on everyone's face he meets I LOVE HIM so much

Joan Phillips , United States, PA
10/17/2011 4:29:16 PM
Ethan is one of the best things that have happened to our family. He is our "special" gift from God. He is the most lovable child in the world and we are always and always will be there to support him in any way we can. Love you Ethan!

Lisa Adcroft, United States, PA
10/17/2011 4:25:47 PM
I, too, have a child with Down Syndrome. My daughter, Ivy, is 11 yrs. old. She is the love of my life! Everything Erica said is true....I could never do Ivy justice trying to describe the joy she has brought into my life. When Erica said "I am very l

Jennifer Mehall , United States, PA
10/17/2011 4:19:53 PM
ethan is the best couzin i could ask for <3

Sandy Phillips, United States, PA
10/17/2011 3:40:26 PM
My nephew Matt and wife Erica, have been blessed with this wonderful little boy Ethan. I am so proud of them, being very young when having Ethan and the care and understanding they have given Ethan is amazing for such young parents. Ethan has turned out

Lori Luongo, United States, PA
10/17/2011 3:13:14 PM
I am very grateful to have Ethan in my life! He is an awesome little boy! Erica is my neice and she is such an amazing mom! I am very proud of her!

Tim Phillips, United States, PA
1/24/2012 7:02:51 PM

Brittney Lee, United States, PA
10/17/2011 7:47:03 PM
Ethan is an amazing little boy.. He puts a smile on my face every time I see him. He has amazing parents who are wonderful.

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