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Buddy Walk®
Buddy Walk®

This year, I participated in the National Down Syndrome Society's New York City Buddy Walk®. It was my first time ever participating in a Buddy Walk®, and it was a wonderful experience! We arrived early in New York City to watch the Times Square Video. It was such a beautiful video, and so amazing to see all the lovely pictures appear on a huge screen. I accompanied Nina, a girl I babysit part-time, and her family. Nina, who is three and has Down syndrome, was one of the lucky individuals to be chosen to be part of the video. She had so much fun watching the video in Times Square and even more fun at the Buddy Walk® events later that day. Nina was cheering along the whole time with a pom-pom in hand. From there we traveled to Central Park to begin the festivities. I was so inspired to see how many people came out for the Walk! There were tons of activities to do before the walk began, such as games and an interactive Zumba warm-up routine. The walk through the park was beautiful and very relaxing. After the walk, we returned to the area that had been set up for the Buddy Walk®, where there was food and more performances to last the afternoon. Nina loves the Signing Time video series, and there was a special performance by the host of the series. I know Nina especially loved this part of the day she was so excited to sing and sign along! Overall, it was a terrific day. I am so thankful to have been able to participate this year, and hope that I am able to return again year after year!

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