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Buddy Walk® This section of My Great Story includes celebratory Buddy Walk® stories.
Evelyn Wehr, Greensboro, NC

Rosaleigh's Story
Rosaleigh Goldhammer, Manorville , NY

Christmas Parade
Kim Glover, Waynesville, GA

My Sister is Lucky
Kelley Yontz, Urbana, OH

Team Cara Creating Awareness
Christine Samuels, Raleigh, NC

Risa Padden, Edwardsville, PA

Together at the Buddy Walk®
Julie Cevallos, Cos Cob, CT

Samantha's Superheroes
Tabatha Gonzalez, El Paso, TX

Team B.I.G.
Barbie Charest, Cape Coral , FL

Finding the Treasure
Kelli Webber, Baton Rouge, LA

Anna Thomas, Williamsburg, VA

My Brother
Pat Ciapciak, St. Louis, MO

David's Great Story
Dennis Diehl, Rehoboth Beach, DE

The Goat Whisperer
Alana Kennon, Tulsa, OK

My Son, Deacon
Dawn Chavez, Medina, OH

The Great Eight Miles
Maureen Gallagher, Melrose, MA

Buddy Walk Salsa
Amy Bockerstette, Fort Wayne, IN

Soaring with Sean
Kathy Christensen, Wyncote, PA

My Cheerleader
Penny Pescosolido, Lima, OH

My Precious Gift
Luz Apolayo, Panama, PA

My Miracle
Christina Fite, Indianapolis, IN

Michael's Victories
Mary Wasserman, Aptos, CA

Buddy Choir
Lori Maloney Young, Kitchener, ON

Her Beautiful Smile
Amy Phifield, Dover, DE

Chicken Little
Dylan Calvagne, Boynton Beach, FL

Five Different States
Michelle Helferich, Summerville, SC

Playing to Strengths
Stephen Hawley, Florence, MA

Get Walkin'!
Tysen Churchman, Loomis, CA

A Mom's View
Debra Forand, Panama City, FL

Jonathan is a Star!
David Anderson, Anaheim, CA

The Advocate
Sarah Brachman, Frankfort, KY

Joshua Having Fun
Bobbie Dawson, Lima, OH

What The Buddy Walk® Is All About
Cathy Ward, Champaign, IL

Jude's Groupies
Meghan Welsh, Allentown, PA

Hannah and the Buddy Walks® - How They've Both Grown
Donna Brewer, Vancleave, MS

Ethan's Entourage
Erica McCormick, Fort Dix, NJ

Coming Together
Arlynda Lane, Owasso, OK

Buddy Walk®: Powered by Nathan
Andi Sligh, Fairhope, AL

My Amazing Alex!
Tracy Suder, Fletcher, NC

Buddy Walk®
Sarah Sweeny, Stamford, CT

Dwell in the Possibilities
Bridget Brown, Darien, IL

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