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Tavrick's Story

Tavrick's Story


Hello, my name is Tavrick. I am going to tell you about my many paid jobs and internships.

I have been paid as an extra in a movie and to model. I have also been paid to work in a production center to make windows for an aircraft company.

I had the opportunity to intern at a tattoo parlor, which is my dream job, and I have interned at a PT therapy clinic. I really liked my two bosses and my coworkers at both of my internships.

I am now in an internship program called Project Search, in this program, I rotate through 3 different internships set up for me by the program. I had to be tested to see if I could be trained to do the jobs. I was able to give them ideas of what type of jobs I was interested in trying out. They work with my Life Skills program to make sure I am prepared and I also have a job coach to help with my on the job training.

My first Project Search rotation was at my county's Election Office, during our state and national elections - which was pretty exciting!

My second rotation was at a 717-bed hospital.

Now I intern at a science museum's gift store.

You might wonder how I got the tattoo parlor job while still in middle school. Well, I told my mom about my interest and we just walked in and asked!! We were pretty amazed when the owner said "yes." He was excited about working with me. My mom said it was just like in the movies and she could not believe it was actually happening. However, I would have to say that starting internships in middle school definitely prepared me for my later internships with Project Search.

All together my three Project Search rotations will take about a whole school year.

I enjoy learning new skills in new places that will help me get my dream job. But, honestly, my dream job changes.

I like music, arts and entertainment, so I would like to work in that area somehow. I would like to help set up for entertainment events. Right now I do a little of that by volunteering at a film festival and a living history museum. I volunteer whenever I can and started when I was young.

I also want to design T-shirts, and own a tattoo parlor, and write a book about musicians see...I have a few too many dream jobs and every week I add more dream jobs! After all, I am still pretty young.

In all my jobs, I like the people I work with the most, I like that I am making a difference, and I love the food! My old tattoo parlor boss used to treat me to burgers and tacos. That was fine with me!

My advice is to have a good work attitude, do what your bosses and coaches ask you to do in a happy and cheerful manner, speak up if you are unhappy about something, are confused or need more information, and listen to your parent/guardian's advice. Most importantly, do your work!

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