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Gabriel's Story

Gabriel Savage

My name is Gabriel Savage and I've had 2 jobs here in Washington, D.C. I worked at Advocates for Justice and Education from September of 2012 until the middle of 2015 doing various administrative task like mailings, copying, and shredding a lot of paper. I also worked as a youth advocate, going into schools to teach self-care and advocacy skills to students with special needs. My job at AJE was part-time, and not enough hours to sustain myself independently, so I got help with my resume and applied online to the grocery store in my neighborhood. It took some time, persistence, and a few visits to speak with the manager of the store following up on my application before I got the call,” You got the Job!”

Eventually, I did such a good job that they gave me so many hours that I had to quit my job with AJE. I have been working at Harris Teeter for a year now and I love it! Regular customers recognize me in the neighborhood and many neighbors from my building come to the shop at my Harris Teeter! All my coworkers know and love me. They are my Harris Teeter family.

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