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Christopher's Story

Christopher Wright

My son, Christopher, at 31 years old is happily employed at Publix! Christopher was born in England and moved to Florida at six years old, where he attended Crystal Springs Elementary School and went on to Palm Avenue Exceptional Student Center. At the Exceptional Student Center, he worked through the job enclave program, which placed him at the Holiday Inn, St. Catherine’s, Dignity You Wear, and UF Health Shands Hospital. The vocational training he received at the Exceptional Student Center prepared him to apply for the bagger position at Publix, a company he has now been with for ten years! The customers LOVE Christopher and many favour his line to check out. He always gives his best and treats everyone he meets with respect and kindness. His heart is open and pure and he sees everyone as a friend.

Christopher is a joy to be with and very humorous and jokes with his family and peers. He has recently become an Uncle for the first time and is so VERY proud of his niece Ashlyn. Everyone at Publix knows her age, what date she was born, her birth weight, what time she arrived etc. He calls her his Princess. Ashlyn is the joy of his life just as he has been ours. We have had many challenges along the way, but Chris has overcome them all with his positive outlook on life and trust in the goodness of the people he meets. He is a very special son and we are blessed to have him in our lives. The picture is of a surprise visit from Christopher’s “princess” at work. 

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